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Welcome to the Sophia Journal

Sophia Spring/Summer 2007 Cover

"This wisdom-offering—none other than the Perennial Philosophy—can become truly "saving" for our times, provided we have the courage to listen, learn, and truly live its teachings."

--Huston Smith

Since its appearance in 1995, Sophia has established itself as the foremost journal in the field of traditional studies in the English language. We mean here by tradition realities of ultimately sacred origin which have over the centuries provided meaning for human life, sources for authentic knowledge, principles for moral action, and inspiration for artistic creativity in various human societies throughout the world.

In the pages of Sophia one finds access to the principles and philosophies at the heart of various traditions as well as their religious practices, arts, sciences, and social structures. Through compelling and thought-provoking articles Sophia makes available in a contemporary language the extremely rich treasury of traditional wisdom and thought and provides a forum for examining the applications of these millennial traditional teachings to the contemporary situation and in the face of problems created by the advent of modernism. It publishes articles which draw on traditional metaphysics, esoterism, and the perennial philosophy as well as traditional cosmologies, the arts, the sciences, spirituality, and ethics by contributors who include the most well known expositors of the traditional perspective in the world as well as new voices in the field.

Among distinguished contributors past and present to Sophia:

A partial list of specific topics treated by authors in Sophia: